Daily Ninja: Bring Back the Basics

I just participated in a week-long voice pedagogy training online.  From Nashville, we were able to connect to Tom Blaylock’s vocal studio in Portland, OR, and attend his summer voice intensive.  Technology, be still my beating heart, thank you.

I’ve been reminded of many basic principles of voice training, as well as over arching themes that I use to direct my daily teaching decisions.  One of these is the practice of revisiting basic routines or concepts on the regs.  (This is not a typo.  If you don’t know what “on the regs” means, please urban-dictionary-google it now.  Fun!)

I’m not convinced that we talk enough about how to program the brain intentionally and incrementally.  As musicians, this might be something we inherently know as we practice our instruments, but rarely talk about with others.  Fortunately, Mr. Blaylock and few other great teachers in my life come ’round to this concept and bring it home every chance they get.  Going back to fundamental concepts on a daily basis builds a foundation that lasts forever.

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