Stay in Your Own Lane

I’ve been ruminating on a phrase lately that’s proven helpful and calming.  “Stay in your own lane.”  Simple, elegant, and power packed with meaning.

It is no secret that comparison is a killer.  The moment you start comparing yourself, your career, your family, your (fill in the blank), with someone else you are sunk, psychologically speaking.  This is because comparison is not truthful, and therefore it brings us into the darkness.  The light however, is full of freedom and joy and sharing and enjoyment – of what we have/be/do AND what others have/be/do.  And since most of us have a hard time telling ourselves truthful things all the time, we always can use a few catchy, fun axioms to helps us along the way. Like . . . stay in your own lane.

There are 3 things I think are true about this analogy:

  1. Everyone has a lane.
  2. Everyone’s lane is full of treasures, bumps, lovely people, inspiration and surprises.
  3. Everyone has the ability to focus, re-focus, and reorient themselves back into their own lane.

Let me expound, dahlinks.

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