Vocology and Finding Common Ground

“Maybe we have more in common than we ever thought.”
~Ingo Titze
“Interviews on Voice Matters,” Nov. 24, 2015

In a recent interview with Dr. Ingo Titze, Director of the National Center for Voice and Speech, we discussed a wide array of subjects.  My favorite part of the interview revealed an idea worthy of it’s own post.

What is the greatest value of science, especially as it pertains to the voice?

Dr. Titze explains:

Liz: What are your dreams for the future of vocology?

Dr. Titze: Well the first thing that I see happening is that the science, even though it’s designed to present facts and give information, I think it’s greater value is bringing together people from different camps of voice training that were very suspicious of each other and hardly talked to each other before.  Because now they can both say, “well, science helps me figure out what I do, but it also helps me figure out what the other person does.  And maybe we have more in common than we ever thought.

Thank you, Dr. Titze, for helping pioneer the field of Vocology.  The world is a better place because of your work and spirit.  And maybe we will find, over time, we all have more in common than we ever thought – both as voice professionals and human beings.

Below is a full version of the interview, and below that, a listing of the subjects covered in chronological order.  I hope you gain inspiration and insight from Dr. Titze’s story and his vision for the future of voice science.

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How To Find The Best Voice Teacher

The best.  For you.  Right now.

Let’s be real, shall we?  Not every voice teacher is right for every student or client.  And there are as many reasons to seek voice training as there are people, so this article is about helping you decide on a teacher that fits your needs.

Since the field of vocology is still in it’s relative infancy, there’s a lot to learn about how the voice functions.  This also means there are quite a few voice teachers who either do not have access to current research, or do not know how to integrate it into their practice. 

And none of us have all the answers.  Not everyone needs a vocal coach with technical knowledge either, but it is helpful to know there’s a difference.  

Considering that, here are a few guidelines that will help in your search in finding someone who can help you meet your voice goals.

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