The Voice Can Do Many Things

In viewing the following video yesterday, I was reminded that the human voice is capable of so much . . . more.

Often in voice training, or when learning new vocal skills, we give in to the fear that we might hurt ourselves, or produce ugly tones, or worse – do something “outside of our genre.”  Gasp!

This limited line of thinking keeps us from exploring the range of textures and dynamics we are all capable of, and it also robs us of the inherent joy that comes with making sound.  All kinds of sound.  For someone as skilled as the following vocalist, we have to imagine the freedom with which he explored different parts of his voice!  What kinds of weird sounds did he experiment with in order to discover such different voices in the same voice?  How much fun are those sounds to make?  And how much fun is he having singing on different sounds back to back?

Before anyone gets their pedagogical thinky-minds in a bunch over his “technical issues” (should you be inclined to go there, teachers), take a moment to hear this voice for the magic it is – a voice full of ability, life, and a reminder that we are usually capable of more than we realize.  Especially vocally!

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