Contrasting Experiences

We need contrasting experiences to help us determine what we really want, and what’s really important to us.

Take the situation of a failed or failing voice, for instance.

The voice is part of the body and can be aided with exercise and releasing of physical tension.  Oh, and learning to coordinate airflow with vocal fold and resonator activity.

In other words, something can be done.

Often, because of lack of information and resources, people get into vocal trouble and immediately feel helpless.  I think this is a good analogy for the world at large right now.

I don’t care what “challenges” life deals us, there is always a choice to see the “negative” as either a wake up call, or a call to action, or simply an indication of what is truly wanted.  The strength of your reaction to a situation is more an indication of your desire (what you want) than anything else.  So, if your voice is indicating something to you – maybe that you really love and cherish it and NEED it in order to be YOU in the world – don’t get too sad too quickly.  At least not until you take a glance at the positive message it’s sending.

I’m pretty clear today that I want healing and health and wholeness.  For you, your voice, and for the world.

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